Pricing and Fees

  • 1,4 % (stripe fees) + 0.25 (credit card provider fees ) for every donation made with a European Bank Account
  • 2,9 % ( Stripe fees ) + 0.25 ( credit card provider fees ) for every donation made with a NON-European bank Account
  • 5 % application fees for every donation


Please note that all donations are going to be charged into the EURO currency automatically by your bank at the time of the deposit. Extra fees because of this may be shown on your bank statement.


Are you a donor

-All of your donations are protected by our partner, Stripe. Stripe is a worldwide payment method that allows you to donate to any campaign in the most protected way. Your data will never be saved and all of your donations will automatically go to the creator’s stripe account, without having to go through us. The donations are directly between you and who you would like to support. If you wish to have a refund on your donations, please contact us at [email protected]

Are you a creator

– All of the money donated to you will automatically go to your Stripe account that you associated with your creator profile. The money will be deposited within 7 days with no third party getting involved.

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