Ballerina with a malformation

Sidonie needs to find a school and a financial help for her studies

Sidonie Audition August 2, 2018 at 1:53 am
Pledged of €3,000 goal
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Hi ! My name is Sidonie, I am a 15 years old ballerina and next year, I will integrate the National Conservatory of Paris. I was born with a malformation/deformation at the left hand and I haven’t got the end of my fingers. Some schools and people think that my malformation is not compatible with ballet, but I can do everything like normal people, my hand isn’t a problem ! I have auditioning for some school this year, go every time on finals but wasn’t accepted after medical test, because of my hand.

My dream, since my 7 years old, is to dance professionally in an international ballet company and to prove that handicap like mine aren’t problems for to do ballet.

The National Conservatory is a really good school, but I know that with my hand, dance professionally in France will be impossible ( people are not enough opened to see a ballet dancer who isn’t “perfect” ) so I have to find an international school who can accept me and my handicap, and find a financial help to my parents !

I really hope that you can help me to achieve my dreams !

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