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Ballet Rising is focused on filming and telling the stories of classical ballet dancers in the most unlikely places around the world.

Ballet Rising Project / Gala April 18, 2019 at 9:54 am
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Ballet Rising is focused on telling the stories of people far from traditional centers of western art, whose passion for classical ballet is redefining cultural boundaries and elevating ballet as a truly global art form.

A mix between a Chef’s table, and Anthony Bourdain, we have a truly incredible lineup of stories that we look forward to sharing- Stories from places like Abidjan in The Ivory Coast; New Delhi, India; Addis Ababa in Ethiopia; Ourinhos, Brazil; Manilla, Philippines; and Guadalajara, Mexico to start. Our host, Casey Herd, a former principal ballet dancer with the Dutch National Ballet and international guest with the world’s leading ballet companies, will be taking us along on these journeys. There’s an emergence of new talent in the ballet world that’s going to blow your mind.

Ballet Rising is raising money specifically to help us complete our first pilot episodes, with the goal of eventually being picked up by a network who will be able to help us communicate these stories to a larger audience.  The first of these stories will be focused on international Ballet star, Isaac Hernandez the Mexican dancer, who will be helping Casey and our audience discover the blooming talent exploding out of Guadalajara, Mexico. The other episode is to be centered on the African continent, where we will be unfolding all the exciting layers of the international gala in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It’s remarkable to see the voracious appetite that this African city has for classical ballet.

**For a more in depth lineup of the stories already planned, and the mix of ballet stars and young talent that will be featured from these emerging locations, please check

Our team of Casey Herd, Chris Weisler, Marguerite Wiewel, Sascha Radetsky, Lambrecht VVessels, and Briana Stuart have all worked incredibly hard to get this off the ground, but this is just the beginning and we need your help get it really flying!

We are launching our crowdfunding campaign to help us complete these first episodes. Most importantly, if you would like to see more, please help us spread the word. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. All shares, likes, comments, are much appreciated!

As a frame of reference, we’d like to let you know directly where your valuable contribution is going.   Please check the amounts on the right panel for correlative amounts and we’d like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

Your contribution is crucial and we’re thrilled to have everyone a part of this community. As an appreciation, we will be acknowledging everyone’s support on the credits of our film and on the sponsor page our website.

*Anything greater than €5000 is tremendously helpful, allowing us to create a significantly higher level of production. With your contribution we will be able to jumpstart our series.  Please reach out to discuss how we can creatively acknowledge your generosity.


-The Ballet Rising Team

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  • Prince A Sanders
    Wishing you all best with this fantastic project
  • Alex Dickson
    I needed visas as a dancer. Paying it forward. Merde Casey count me in
  • Charlene Bradt
  • Anonymous
  • Clay Warner
    Best of luck! Go!
  • Simon Fisher
  • Isabel Fernandez
  • Victoria Pulkkinen Chiarelli
    Merde! Wishing you so much success !
  • Briana Stuart
    Excited for this project!
  • Laura Rosillo
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